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You should never steal a car with a zombie in the trunk. And, if a frozen zombie falls out of thefreezer portion of the refrigerator and thaws before you decide what to do, hop on your Segway and blow your zombie whistle. In The Ultimate Zombie Hunter’s Handbook authors Matthew Collins andGeoffrey Collins have provided a comprehensive “how-to” guide for dealing with zombies.Through a series of lessons, illustrations, and lists, The Ultimate Zombie Hunter’s Handbook:• Defines and describes zombies and their threat• Describes typical human responses to zombies• Suggests when “to throw in the towel” when faced by a zombie• Recommends appropriate weapons• Provides information for preparing for a zombie invasion• Supplies ideas for applying this new knowledge to tactical situationsSo when you’re about to turn on the washing machine and you see pale zombie feet shuffling past your basement windows andhear a crash as something comes through the doors, you will know exactly what to do.
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