Fruit is a source of food that strengthens and nourishes the body. There are different types of fruits but they all seem to serve one significant purpose, and that is to cause the human body to be healthy. Whether it may be for vitamin “c” or potassium. All types of fruit are good for the body. But the fruit that is contained within this book is for the spirit and the soul. To help the spirit man/woman to grow and so that the soul will not starve. The fruit that you will read in this book is as a result of the Lord purging and perfecting various areas in my life.Matthew the twelfth chapter and the thirty-third verse, tells us that you will know a tree by the fruit that it bears. After tasting the fruit contained on the pages of this book, truly you will know that I am a tree that has been shaken. A tree that has stood through the storm, nearly being chopped down and transformed into the very paper on which I write these poems.My prayer is that you press pass yourself for a moment and take a walk through the garden the Lord placed me in, to bring forth fruit for his name. This fruit is not for vitamin “c” or potassium but to bring forth deliverance and call those who are lost to repentance.
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