The Triad Alternative
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When Eugene Johnson, a very successful businessman and bachelor decides to finally tackle matrimony he does it in the most logical manner he can think of. He desperately wanted to avoid the drama he had seen his friends go through once they got married. There was the lack of communication and trust. There was the lying and sneaking. There was the divorce, alimony and problems seeing your children. Thus he puts together a bullet point profile of what he thinks would be the perfect woman for him. Every man would have the basics. Attractive, intelligent, sexy etc. Eugene had a item on his list that would bring him true happiness, he thought. Eugene had to search in some out of the way, strange venues for this woman. When he thinks he’s found her he feels complete. But, what of their future? There is a fist fight with a neighbor, a trial, an airport shootout and tropical intrigue! Why?
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