THE BIBLE(According to Jack)
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The Bible (According to Jack) Part II The New Testament is the irreverent, EVEN FUNNIER sequel to The Bible (According to Jack) Part I The Old Testament, Jack’s hilarious trashing of the Old Testament (in an entirely loving, caring and sincere way, of course!). What does Jack have in store for Jesus and the apostles after explaining the true origin of circumcision; Eve’s mustache; Moses’ conversation with God about “cross-dressing;” who really built Noah’s ark; the farting of the Red Sea; and MORE? Pretty much the same thing except there’s a whole new cast of characters. All of a sudden from practically out of nowhere there’s a whole new religion up and running based on this guy named Jesus. Who the heck was Jesus? Not to worry. Jack has conducted painstaking research and tracked down the “real Jesus” those “other Bibles” do not want you to know about. In Jack’s Bible women are treated with respect; sex is a perfectly normal activity; Mary and Joseph “did it;” and “Gay is okay!” Don’t even THINK about putting this book down and not buying it! Either laugh yourself silly while acquiring a whole new perspective on the New Testament OR, sanctimoniously decry it as sacrilege and burn it, along with every single copy of it you can BUY, with emphasis on the word “BUY”! Burn all you want. We’ll print more. If you need a moneylender to purchase large quantities for burning, please don’t mention Jack’s name. They’re still a little sore at him for repaying his last loan with relics. What? They were genuine. He knows a guy who knows a guy. Have a little faith.
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