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My Dearest Shah
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Once upon a time in Carlsbad, California in 1984, a beautiful, white, American, Christian woman, who just happened to be a hypnotist, fell in love with a handsome, brown, Afghan, Muslim man who was in our country as a political refugee. He was a former freedom fighter who had fought against the Russians, and at the time of their meeting he was in our Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton in North San Diego County.With present day television being filled with news of Iraq and Afghanistan, Jo Ann is swept back in time to old memories. She shares those memories with the reader as if she is writing to Shah in present times weaving today’s encounters with their past.Come learn about a different culture on a personal level, not a political one! There is romance and true love woven between a cultural comparison of America and Afghanistan. Topics include: love, marriage, family, children, child abuse, spousal abuse, football Afghan style, telling lies, prejudices, drugs and smuggling, death and dying, freedom fighters fighting freedom fighters in between clashes with the Russians, and the spiritual growth of an American who invites Americans to take a hard look at themselves and invites all peoples and persons to seek peace through developing a close relationship with Jesus, the true Christ.
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