This book is definitely a good read and worth your time. It has truly been a labor of love, time & tears for the writer during the 5 years its taken her to critic its colorful contents. It lays out a true-life story of a little girl lost and the many characters involved. Starting back around the 1930-40's there's a brief summery of her grandparent’s life. Thus laying out a background of how her parents grew up, met each other, how and where her life started. In the beginning the pages tell about the many obstacles of a handicapped child, who often felt unwanted, as she struggled to grow into a teenage girl in the mix of her parent’s divorce. Along the way you'll find a lot of action, humor, sadness, life threatening danger, death, sex, guns and yes, even high speed chases. It continues into her uninhibited years as an unguided wild young woman. Parts of it will warm your heart as the writer reflects on the happy times through it all where she felt love. Other parts will touch your soul with sadness as you share the many times her heart was broken. All the while you’ll anxiously be awaiting the next page to turn or the next character to step into the story. At times you may find yourself rooting for her as she fights her battles. Maybe you’ll even find yourself taking an inventory of your self worth and look in your mirror to say, " I am blessed."
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ISBN: 9781452088822
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