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Over the centuries the act of praising God has been linked to the playing of musical instruments, but we must never be carried away by this practice. Musical instruments are like pawns in a game: They must be played in order for them to serve any purpose. Outside of this, they are mere useless representations of what could have been. They are in no way, shape, or form, comparable to the innate, prepared, purposeful capacity that God has planted within the heart and spirit of every human being. There is a marked distinction between musical instruments and instruments of music: The former is made by human skill, while the latter is created by divine genius, and has an irreversible capacity to outrank any accompaniment.In Common Chords, the author leads us into an examination and evaluation of the instruments of music that God created in human beings. The book leads readers into the appreciation that every individual has been fitted with a complete orchestra, and those believers who dare to maximize its use will learn how to praise the Lord on a new and exhilarating dimension. Come and let’s celebrate what God has done!
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