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Imagine that you have seen the face of God. What would happen to you? What would be the effect…? Journey through the story of a young man that was plunged into the spiritual and the mystical as his life unfolds through the dark recesses of the dreaded mental disease – schizophrenia. His is only 22 when his young life is ready to begin when all of a sudden he is struck with this terrible disease. Van begins his journey as he describes the life and events of a schizophrenic and how the disease has taken its toll on his life. The battles with the state mental health organizations and the battle with being force to take medication against his will. Take a close look inside the terrible fight to maintain stability and sanity in the world of someone who only wants to be treated as normal human being. Schizophrenia is a much dreaded disease where over 1.8 million people in the United States alone are said to be diagnosed with the illness. Many more remain undiagnosed and live in either poverty or are homeless. This disease is badly misunderstood and the stigma attached to it is not deserved. Only by educating the public will the truth of this disease be finally understood.
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