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What God Has Joined Together would enlighten about the Scriptural basis on which a true Catholic marriage and family rests and, hopefully, for others to find inspiration in this Way.It is the chaste waiting until two chosen find each other (Gn 2,18); there follows the sacred marriage ceremony, consummated (Gn 2,24) by the couple becoming one flesh in natural sexual union; it is seen by them as a spiritual, inviolable, loving commitment to each other to last until parted by death (Mt 19,4-6),In loving union this man and woman propagate themselves - the human race. For this Catholic couple coitus must always remain open to unimpeded conception, though possible only if the time is right. Thus, in becoming knowledgeable of this natural rhythmic cycle of fertility and infertility, the couple is given the option to choose: to accept, to delay, space, or limit birth.In such a truly loving and spiritual commitment between husband and wife evolving into loving dedication for and between themselves and their children, the blessing is evident. In such life and association, there is no adultery, divorce, remarriage, use of contraceptives or abortion.Through the years, the love between man and woman but increases with greater insight of each other. And this is true of love within the family, though children move to marry, or seek other vocations. For the couple, there follow the good years of a more leisurely life and association with others, in church, social activity, to travel. Then the last years, though slower and lethargic find the two still so happy together. For the spiritual sense of God’s care for them pervades unto death.
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