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If you ever had any questions about your affiliations in worldly societies like Greek Fraternities/Sororities and Masonic/Eastern Star Lodges, this is a must read! Legacy Lost is a story of the coming of age of Jonah Longmire, a student at Crispus Attucks College. Jonah (a.k.a. Jet) is a backwoods country boy from Alabama. He was raised in a spiritually strict home, but joins the Masonic Order and a Black Greek Lettered Fraternity (Gamma Beta Mu). Jonah’s reason for joining was to become more active in the plight of the African American. What better way than through organizations established for such undertakings? However, he soon begins to notice the inconsistencies between the activities in the Greek Society & Masonic Order and his spiritual upbringing. Jonah now struggles between what is deemed worthy in the world and what is pleasing to God.
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