Glasgow Wiseguys (part 1) Glasgow Wiseguys and smart alecs embark on a lurid journey of Decline and Fall in keeping with the fine traditions of Scottish rebellion.. Non-conformity is the only way out of the authoritarian Presbyterian trap as the demons of Calvin’s heritage are exorcised through lowlife meanderings and involvement with the less salubrious side of life. Glasgow Wiseguys Out of Order (part 2) Glasgow wiseguy Hector McKay sees himself as the agent of Dr.Skull, a robot version of God. In due course, after failing to belong and conform, he finds himself in the hands of a world totalitarian system and ends up dying after electric shock treatment in a high security mental hospital. Glasgow Wiseguys Over the Top (part 3) Most people have no idea what to do and as un-reconstituted male dinosaurs Kenneth, Mickey, Bill and Archie are no exception. They are lost in a new world dominated by women who have no patience with traditional men and their antediluvian emotions._____________________________________________________________________ The book is written with pathos, black humour and gives an original perspective on the contemporary post-hippy outlook.
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