Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta had the great good fortune to be accepted at the age of 19 as a disciple by Swami Sriyukteshvar Giriji Maharaj. He sat at the great Swami’s feet as an eminent and beloved student for the next six years, until Swamiji’s passing in 1935. Sri Dasguptaji had written this very manuscript near the end of his life during the months of October 1983 through January 1984. He closed his eyes to this world shortly afterwards, in March 1984. Yoga Niketan translated the manuscript into English and first published it in the year 2006. Swami Satyananda Giriji Maharaj, eminent and revered disciple of Swami Sriyukteshvar has written the following:"During the time that Yoganandaji was in India [after returning from America], Sailendra Bejoy was with him practically all day every day and attended to him in many different ways. Swamiji had a great wish that he would take Sailendra Bejoy to America. Even after [Yoganandaji] went back to America, he wrote to me about this many times. But at that time, Sailendra Bejoy did not particularly have much interest in that direction."And also:"With him was Bishnu Charan, nephew Ajit-da, Bijoy Mullick, Ananda Lahiri, Sailen Dasgupta and another one or two people. Because of my illness, I had written to Swamiji that Sailendra should work as his attendant in my place. Swamiji had also received Sailen with truly great affection."~ YOGANANDA SANGA (The Company of Yogananda): As I have seen and understood Paramahansa Swami Sri Yogananda by Swami Satyananda
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