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Killing Yourself with Your Fork?
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Your body is amazing! Compare it to your car, for example. How many cars can filter and change their own oil? How many repaint themselves overnight when damaged? How many resist environmental corrosion with age? The answer is none! Your body does all of these things (and more!) and will keep doing so – if you take care of it properly.Our modern environments are toxic, processed, and sedentary. How can we combat the everyday assaults our bodies endure? This book will show you how. It’s packed with easy-to-understand information on achieving massive health, energy and vitality. Adding to this foundation, author Francois C. Maloney exposes age-old health and food myths including that we “catch” colds, chicken versus beef, and that aging does not necessarily mean reduced capacities, enjoyment and vitality.This new knowledge, will guarantee your journey to an energetic, healthy lifestyle with 40 easy-to-apply tips to achieve optimal health. Through fun, effective and innovative strategies, you’ll discover the secret to eating well; why strenuous exercise doesn’t work; the true cause of weight gain; the miraculous healing power of your heart and emotions; and much more.Simply, with this book you can forget the idea that “normal aging equals bodily decline!”
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