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As a little girl, Cheryl Jolly looked up to her handsome, hardworking father. But when she was five years old, she discovered that the monster in her life was not hiding under the bed or in the closet; it was her father. In this memoir, Jolly describes the sexual, physical, and mental abuse her father inflicted upon her for more than ten years. In Daddy’s Demands, Jolly narrates this honest and emotional story of abuse by communicating her personal thoughts. She shares how she endured the severe trauma by drinking to erase the pain and by learning to leave her body.More important than recounting the abuse, Jolly uses Daddy’s Demands as a method to communicate to victims that they are not alone. She wants teens and others to understand they can break free, fight for themselves, and overcome the heartaches they experience every day to live a happier life.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781450218863
List price: $9.99
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