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Sarah lived in a small Ukrainian town. She was a school-girl and a beginning pianist. Music was the quintessence of the universal harmony in her exalted mind.After unexpected meeting with a mysterious Stranger, Sarah discovered that she belonged to an unknown spiritual reality. Nevertheless, being an atheist, she rejected to apperceive her dual nature. The Stranger became Sarah’s true love and spiritual guardian who helped the girl to overcome her hate to the cruel, earthy reality. However, Sarah didn’t believe in the existence of the Stranger. She struggled with the Platonic love to the illusory phantom.Sarah’s grim destiny made her a devotee of the Orthodox Christianity. The religion became the support of her errant soul, but it couldn’t release the young woman from her strange manner to love the illusion. Sarah’s failed marriage and the difficult disease of her son seemed the last drops in the chain of her losses and frustration. But the unexpected finding of her visionary love on the earth changed Sarah’s mind and life completely…
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