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"I have seen Mrs. Hall's peg system work with children of a variety of ages and cognitive abilities. It is hands on and concrete, something children can understand. It gives children a sense of accomplishment, pride in their choices and accountability when they make poor choices. Children have an active part in managing their behaviors and learn to self-monitor these behaviors. For data collection purposes, it makes keeping trac of behavior improvements easy.”--Pam Harrison, School Psychologist“I have known Sandra Whittington-Hall for over 20 years as a colleague and supervisor. During the last 14 years, as her supervisor I have visited her classroom once a month. I can truthfully say I have never been in her classroom when students were not engaged in learning and she was not instructing. Sandra does not have behavior problems in her classroom because expectations are explained and understood by the students and because of her strong commitment to her students. I am very proud of the initiative she has taken in writing this book on ”Lots O’ Pegs” and her willingness to share her expertise on education. She is an excellent example of effective teaching.”--Dr. Stephanie Walker, Special Education Supervisor
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