Bittersweet Crude
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The oil industry is like a giant octopus with cold unfeeling eye and suckers on its tentacles searching and reaching out to master any object or happening in its vast domain.The story of Bittersweet Crude gives a hitherto seldom exposed insight of the inner workings of a fictitious international oil company and of forces which dictate its leaders to make business decisions, whether liked or not.The human element in such an organization often ranks secondary in the grand scheme of things, but conditions and circumstances beyond control play an important role in the story. Including romance, friendships and politics make it a kaleidoscope of real life with all its ups and downs in a roller coaster fashion.When participating in the protagonist’s life as a high ranking executive, it becomes clear that languages, borders and distances are far less important than the facets of life of people.Persistency of the main characters to free the world from the ever increasing dependency on fossil fuel and its inherent dangers to human well-being and the environment, leads to an all-comprising solution inducted by cemented friendships and the sound of wedding bells.
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ISBN: 9781463449407
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