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“The Triangle of Success” has been acclaimed by distinguished educators, leaders of institutions of higher learning, youth leaders, parents and teachers alike, as a scholarly and practical guide for the development of youth as they face the challenges of this world. It is considered to be of paramount value in motivating and empowering them in the achievement of their potential. The book goes beyond guidance in the realization of our particular field of endeavour. It delves into the enormous untapped potential within all of us and propels and inspires us to discover that potential through continuous learning and an inquisitive mind. In this discovery, we expand our knowledge base, contribute to our success and that of others, and become more prepared to face the realities of life through triangular interactions. The author’s hypothetical mathematical relationship between a circle and its area, juxtaposed to knowledge and the unknown is a vivid and humbling reminder that “what we know is infinitesimally small compared to what we do not know.” This points the way to the need for continuing education (a continuing learning process). As the author puts it in many different ways, it helps us understand the differences and commonalities of humankind, aids in the reduction of world conflict, contributes to world peace, broadens our horizons and prepares youth for future leadership roles.
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