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For Dipper, parkour training with Corone, Skylark, and Jay is the passion he needs. It makes him see everything around him as an obstacle that requires a specific move to be conquered, giving him a sense of freedom and a feeling that nothing can stop him. It also gets him away from an otherwise crappy home life. When Corone’s ex-girlfriend Kite joins the group and becomes close with Dipper, however, everything changes. Sparking a series of events that threatens to tear them apart forever, Dipper is forced to decide what he wants out of life and whom he wants it with.

Rusalka Reh’s charged novel attacks the stereotypes of teen alternative culture. Sharp dialogue and an understanding that to them the world can be a cold and uninviting place provides a glimpse into the isolated feelings of anyone caught on the outside looking in. Full of power and raw honesty, humor and fun, This Brave Balance captures the frustration of those whose lives don’t fit into the culture’s molds and offers ideas on how to enjoy life outside their constraints.
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