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This is a book different from any other. The authors are speaking about lovers – as meaning really older lovers 70, 80, and up. Being older lovers themselves – of other people, not each other, they are seniors speaking to seniors. This book reviews the past, considers the present and gives light-hearted, but serious “directions” for making love after 70. There are such instructions as what to tell your kids; who says you can’t enjoy sex at your age; how to enjoy being an animal, and why seniors do “it” so well. It’s something that no-one has talked about, and it’s about time someone did. Incompetence is reviewed, as well as the effects of surgery in both men and women. Does desire actually lessen, or does it just appear to? What about the others we have loved – how do we accommodate them? What to do about alimony and the pressure it brings? What about “sin”, and monogamy? Mrs. Scott and The Rev. Dr. Handspicker draw on their own experiences and knowledge in their fields. A must for serious “older” lovers, and younger folks who want to know what the “over the hill gang” are up to.
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