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In Brighten Cambridge’s first novella, A Father’s Son, he discovers the essence of spiritual destiny and the impact it has on readers everywhere. A Father’s Son devours the spirit of what it means for a young man to destroy the image of his abusive father and to accept a Heavenly Father that he has never known. The greatest survival for Paul, the protagonist of the novella, is of the soul and of the mind, not the abuse inflicted upon him. The conflict of our souls are the battles we never win. Paul must be reconciled with his past to find resolutions with what he has done and suffered. Perhaps, if we go looking for God we may never find Him, and if we go blindly into the days He is there staring back at us in the reflections of our memories. For Paul there are only pieces of a broken reality that he must eventually place back together in order to make sense of his destiny.
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