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Do Something About It
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Patricia Mason is a woman of integrity with ethical values. Her zeal and passion to motivate and empower others will help you to reach higher heights and achieve your personal goals. In Do Something about It, Patricia shares true childhood and adult experiences, where she has stepped out on faith and God has brought her through many unseen dangers.Because of her passion to empower others, desire to remove barriers and unlock human potential. Patricia is writing this book to encourage others to be the best they can be. Patricia has experienced grief on many levels and God has seen her through.Staying positive through adversities is Patricia’s specialty. Her strong will of courage and unwillingness to look the other way when an injustice is taking place will intrigue you. It’s time for women to stand up, speak out and take actions. Patricia will inspire you to think positive and control your destination. Make a difference in your life. Lies, Deceit, Setups, Sell out even Deaths have not allowed her to turn away from her belief in Jesus Christ. The mission has been hard but not impossible.Thinking positive is the key to success for all of us, and Patricia’s book has supporting documents that prove situations that may seem impossible by man standards are possible by God promises. We know that no two people are the same and we all deal with different situations each second of the day. Communication and respect for yourself and others is a must for positive thinking. It is time for Women to Stand Up, Speak Out, and Do Something about it.
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