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Ponder this. This little book is a series of essays that contains some elementary discussions about the assets, liabilities and concerns of our nation that we all should think about. These may be issues we might forget, but we had better not. The future of our nation may be at its peak or it could be on a continual climb to greatness. And it all hinges on our discipline and the people we pick to lead us.We need to think about and act on the issues that concern us for the future. Are we ready and able to pursue the future as we have in the past? What is our vision for tomorrow? There will be natural, terrorist, financial, national and aggressive superpower problems. We need to think about our past and present actions and leaders. Will our future be as bright as the past? This book looks at the issues through the eyes of a common person, not as a career politician, academician or expert in the various fields. The goal of the book is to have the reader think about the issues, make up their mind on content and their priority and most importantly, help initiate a plan for his or her future. And then act.
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