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The Revelation of Divine Health is the ‘revelation’ the Church has been waiting for ... for far too long! Health is the ‘legal right’ and heritage of every Christian. Few Christians, however, are even aware of the ‘New and Transformed’ life they were given at their Salvation. Not only did God give us a NEW SPIRIT, but a NEW BODY ... God calls His Holy Temple! God, also, gave us a NEW COVENANT ... sealed by the Blood of Jesus ... that we might begin living an entirely NEW LIFE! We have been REDEEMED ... redeemed back to the ‘Glories’ and Perfection of Original Creation (before the Curse of Sin ). This was God’s Original Dream for His created Man.Divine Health is only found in Christ Jesus. It is an entirely NEW DIMENSION. It can only be found in the absolute Purity of Kingdom Living ... God’s KINGDOM OF LIGHT. Only in the great Light Dimension of God’s Presence will we find Divine Health. The Darkness of sickness, simply, cannot exist in the Light of God’s Presence!There is a ‘Dimension of Health’ few people know anything about. Divine Health is God’s FREE GIFT OF GRACE for every born-again Believer.Let us step into the Light... the ‘Light of Health’ ... and be a ‘living testimony’ that we are God’s Children... His CHILDREN OF LIGHT.
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