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Calling All Angels is based on the Old Order Mennonite tradition of a group of healers called Brauchers. The word Braucher in its German translation means “Charmer”, which is very appropriate, as the Brauchers charm the spirits, dark spirits and angels. The sole purpose of this book is to educate and allow the reader to separate negative bias with fact. The text of the Brauchers, which includes two additional books the 6th and 7th Books of Moses in addition to the 5 which make up the Torah, or the Pentateuch. These two books have created much controversy and has labeled this religious belief and practices as witchcraft. Society has crippled this practice due to negative response, abolishing centuries of religious traditions based on current norms. This book retells the stories of people who witnessed the power of Brauchers. Calling All Angels recounts power, and many that are not of that denomination maintain an element of fear when they hear the name Braucher. I invite all readers to allow yourself to experience the events of the characters in the stories, to approach each chapter with an open mind, with the mind frame that all religious beliefs and practices cannot be harnessed due to societal pressures.
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