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With the exception of perhaps prophecy, more has been written and interpreted about parables than any other subject in the Bible. Many authors offer varying viewpoints and theories on these stories, but few explain how to discover which opinion is correct. The Parables of Jesus Revisited shares a commonsense approach to understanding biblical parables and applying them to a twenty-first century society by removing any mystery or misunderstanding that surrounds them. Parables are figures of speech used to teach and instruct and should not be so cryptic that they cannot be understood. By discarding the use of allegorical interpretation and applying the story’s literal meaning to our lives, we learn that each parable is meant to be read as a simple story, without any hidden meaning.In Matthew 13:13–15, Jesus spoke of people who could not understand these stories because of an unwillingness to hear the truth. But the parables were not meant for the faithless. Instead, they were meant for souls interested in hearing more about Christ’s message. Learn how to interpret these parables through notes on the customs from the period, allegorical and literal interpretations, practical applications, and more. If you have ever wondered about the real meaning of biblical parables, The Parables of Jesus Revisited is the key to unlocking the truth.
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ISBN: 9781462038053
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