Everyone Has a Purpose.You were created for greatness God has predestined your destiny and you are not here by accident I believe God has allow you to enter planted earth at this appointed time to bring forth the purpose that He has preordain to your life and God has embedded everything within you of what you will need for your purpose before He placed you into your mother’s womb I believe if God did not want you to be in the earth right now then you will not be here for God could have place you within your great grandparents generation or your grandparents generation or your parents generation God tells us in Joshua 5:2 AMP At that time the Lord said to Joshua make knives of flint and circumcise therefore God has chosen you unto this generation so that you can be a partaker of His kingdom for you are special in the eyes of the Lord.This book will inspire you to know of the champion in you I believe you will never know of the winner in you until you allow yourself to step out from where you are right now and step into the plans that God has for you so don’t waste another second of your life wondering what plans God has for you but instead ask God of your purpose.
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