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ATAVISM, a romantic, historical fiction set in Dalriada,ancient Scotland,one hundred years after Christianity took away women’s rights.Aylee,and the women who helped her defeat her abusive husband and king (The Sticking Place), had to re-join theworld of men, when the defeated men selected her to rule.  After she gained the support of the Highlandsand the Fianna, forerunner of the Round Table, whichwas led by her childhood love, she secured the reluctant blessing of the Churchand then defeated her cousin to take back her crown.While Ayleecontinuously fought the new church for women’s rights, she supported the newerreligion against Boerj, offspring of an evil druid,who was consumed with rage against her and the church.  She found herself straddling two mountains;one of leadership and women’s rights, and the other of family needs and supportfor the church.  Both pulled in oppositedirections, threatening an abyss.  The crevicewidened when Boerj annihilated her garrison, women’shospital, and some of the women warriors.Ayleeand her women experienced atavism, the appearance of ancestral warriorcharacteristics, when Celtic women joined man and church in the battle against Boerj and his demented followers.
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