The Adventures of Freddie the Little Fire Dragon
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The Rescue on the River This story begins with Freddie’s mother taking Freddie and his pet Tanga to the park for a picnic, and an afternoon of fun. The excitement begins when Tanga’s ball rolls down a steep hill, and they stray from the playground to the edge of the river that winds through the park. A series of events follows that result in Freddie and Tanga drifting helplessly down the river on a log raft. During their journey down the river, they discover a helpless baby buzzard that has fallen from its nest into the water below. Moments later, Tanga spots something swimming towards the baby buzzard with its mouth wide open. Can Freddie and Tanga turn the raft in the direction of the baby buzzard? Can they chase away the hungry assailant? Will the rescue attempt be a success? Be prepared for some non-stop reading as you open the cover of The Adventures of Freddie, the Little Fire Dragon: The Rescue On The River.
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