Twin Dragons
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Two hundred years before the current age, the Island of Krill went through a fierce battle between those that thought magic was needed and good, and those that wanted nothing more than the abolishment of all magic. The magic of the Dragons had been given to a few wizards to share with the other gifted few. it was to be used for the preservation of life on Krill. However, some of the wizards, once they tasted what true magic was, wanted to do more with it, and became greedy. The highest wizard, Tyus, was the one entrusted with the magic from the dragons. He was to see to its safety and proper use. Once he realized that the other wizards wanted to use the dragon’s magic to rule Krill, he was forced to split the magic into different forms. The forms were then hidden in different parts of Krill, for safe keeping. The dragons themselves were forced to retreat and wait for new Protectors to be named. Two hundred years later a young male, Austyn Brayun, and a young female, Tyrayin Sackhorn, are forced into taking on the responsibility of finding the very forms of magic Tyus hid. Together with two magical swords, they must face the unknown in what is now called the Mainland. Neither one has ventured out past the boundaries of their respected homes. Although not alone in their travels, the journey proves difficult as the onslaught from the wicked Queen of the North meets them at every turn. The queen and her evil creatures continue to derail their journey in hopes of obtaining the ultimate objective...the magic of the dragons. New alliances will be made and old Alliances lost with a journey where nothing is at it seems…
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