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Parents and teachers have beenlooking for a fresh approach to make math more interesting and memorable.  This series of books uses a unique Story Format, introducing startlingcharacters whose looks and personalities are intrinsic to the mathconcepts and operations they represent.Joan Host developed the approachwhile teaching remedial math students in a Pennsylvaniapublic middle school.  Her first group of59 students had only three months of twice-weekly classes.  Their state math competency test scoresincreased an average of 58%.  Thefollowing year, Joan’s new group of students had five months of twice-weeklyclasses.  Scores increased an average of 76%!The lessons were later testedwith low English proficiency students in multicultural Jersey City, New Jersey.  Besides improvement, there was an unexpectedfinding in the test results.  Aftercompleting THE WHOLE NUMBER STORYand its post-test, students took the pretest for the second book, THE DECIMAL TALE and scored higherthan they had on the whole number pretest.This result made clear thattaking time to undo old misconceptions of very basic concepts can jumpstartremediation at a higher level.  This book can help you accomplish thatmission for your students!
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