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Have you ever thought how great it would be to live your life the way God intends you to? Lay aside all weight and excel in your area of calling, ministry, family, social and business. Friend, you will inevitably face challenges and storms in every arena as you progress towards your destiny. Being a Christian does not exonerate you from them, but they come for a good purpose. Be of good cheer and buckle up, because God has placed this book in your hands for a divine purpose, because this is your time to be set free from any spiritual, social, financial or emotional bondage that is or may confront you in the future. This is your time to expand and claim your territory! Do not be a victim of the devil but be a victor! Hear what God is saying.This book will equip you with the principles that God has laid down for you to fight the good fight of faith by His strength, His Word and in prayer. Based on Isaiah 40 verse 31, it discloses how God operates in such storms of life in relation to His children, stressing the significance of total surrender to His will and providence for endurance. From the treasures of the Bible, Clara Moyo extracted precious gems of God's unfailing promises of deliverance from all storms and ultimate benefits derived from waiting upon Him in them. She shares her personal experience of how she conquered and still conquers trials and tribulations through God's divine power and remaining in the Vine. She moved from failure to victory and is still advancing from glory to glory. You can also achieve it. Mrs Moyo holds a B.A Degree in Modern Languages (French) and is a dedicated Church Service Bible reader in her local Church.
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