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There are approximately thirty thousand inmates, including those from out-of-state inmates, incarcerated in different major institutions in the state of Virginia. We read about the crimes these inmates committed, but we seldom hear the other side of their story. Imprisoned, many of them now see the folly of their actions. This book, The Bullpen - Gateway To The State Prison, contains the accounts of many inmates’ introduction to a life of crime, their rationalizations, excuses, justifications, thoughts, sorrows, and their dreams. Nobody wants to go to prison, but why are our jails and prisons packed with inmates? Read about the “traps” and occasions of crime that can lead one to the penitentiary. Contemplating about breaking the law and committing a crime? We have one word for you: DON’T! Inmates say there are better alternatives to living a life of crime. Read their stories in this book. Listen to what they say. Their stories may help you do the right thing.
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