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This book covers the age of Martin Bormann that begins in the last days in the Fuehrer Bunker through the burial of Adolph Hitler outside of Berlin with some American help. To Italy to follow his compatriots on the Catholic highway to the Americas to the Palace of the Peron’s. Then to broker a deal with the Israeli’s over Adolph Eichmann. To oversee the tranfer the unbelievable amount of loot from the death camps eventually into the United States. Where? Is anyone sure? Bormann ruled his compatriots with an iron fist and with the help of his small circle of advisors kept the threat of a Fourth Reich ever coming into being. His farewell visit to Eva Peron in itself showed his hidden compassion. This man posessed all the faults of man as well as the good that one can imagine. I am sure as his ashes were spread upon the burial location of the Chief not only Satan came to claim his soul but the Lord as well. Read this book and you will be torn by the words Truth or Fiction?Be careful what you decide.
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