"A new reality is emerging into consciousness and catching more and more people up in its processes, particularly those who call themselves voice hearers. This reality:• is ‘of the mind’, yet objective, i.e. does not originate in the hearer’s subjective mind; • is ‘sensual’, i.e. has a ‘body’; • has its own consciousness, which is not reducible to the hearer’s subjective consciousness. • is distinguishable from outer reality, but not spatially separate.This is an exceedingly difficult and complex formulation yet if we are to remain absolutely faithful to all aspects of voice hearers’ experiences then we are forced to think the new reality in these terms.This hypothesis implies that voice hearers, far from being pathological, are harbingers of a ‘new world’ i.e. a new structure of consciousness and new forms of reality. Trauma may indeed have opened hearers up to the new reality but this reality is not reducible to such traumas. The three voices that Dr. Woodcock ‘heard’ as he sat at his desk in 2005 belong to, or are a property of this new reality. Once he tuned into what they were each saying, he could begin to record a ‘conversation’ emerging from within his mind. This conversation turned to his surprise to the very question of the new emergent reality." (from the preface)This book thus introduces the reader to the author’s hypothesis of a new reality as the origin of ‘inner voices’ or ‘figures of speech’. The author’s ‘inner voices’ then lead the reader into this new reality via the author’s own experiences. Finally, an essay is included that explores the new reality from a more theoretical perspective.John C. Woodcock Ph.D. is also the author of THE COMING GUEST and THE IMPERATIVE
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