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The long-awaited romantic thriller, Red Wine, written by Pamela Thompson, sends the reader on a riveting ride beginning in the posh wine country of the Napa Valley, to the wealthy prestige of the aristocracy of the English countryside. Red Wine is a novel that focuses on a law professor, Samantha Reed, who is forced to relive a murderous past and lands in the arms of a ruggedly handsome detective. Throughout the novel, Sam’s relatives and childhood friends reveal their involvement and knowledge of a small town secret. …. “Her eyes flew open as sheets of lightening streaked across the night sky and lit up her bedroom like a spotlight. Thunder rolled overhead and the tree branches scraped the sides of the house like nails running down a chalkboard.”…. Ultimately, the unveiling of deceit and deception take the reader from the prosperous vineyards of Northern California, to the lush English countryside in Europe. The discovery of small town politics gone awry, leads to the discovery of a covert family secret revealed.
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ISBN: 9781463472078
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