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Day of the Moon
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DAY OF THE MOON weaves together, in an understandable andentertaining way, basic concepts about the solar system and a story aboutbelieving in yourself even when your goals seem out of reach.In the story, both of the maincharacters gain self-confidence in their own way.  Selena, a ten-year-old girl, learns to trustin her won abilities to affect the world around her.  Throughout the story, she grows into a personwith the strength to face her fears.Chris, an eleven-year-old boy,learns that he his more than he’s been given credit to be.  As the son of a grade-school football coachand his team’s star quarterback, no one expected him to have an interest inscience.  In the beginning, he believeshis parents’ perception of him as a great football player with very littleaptitude for learning.  It is only afterChris starts to believe in his own dreams that his parents realize and accepttheir son’s giftedness.DAY OF THE MOON conveys a positive set of values in relationshipswith family and friends.DAY OF THE MOON will be enjoyed by girls and boys of pre-teen age,especially those with a love of science.
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Day of the Moon - Cherie A. Hart

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