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My Name Is Pain
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This is a story about a woman who had the courage to returnhome in search of answers to a past life of Hell on Earth.  Her quest was blocked by a silent communityand a justice system without conscience. Although there is no moratorium on rape and murder the R.C.M.P. havechosen to do nothing.  The detailedstatements given to the R.C.M.P. in 1998/99 just collect dust.The author provides a first hand insight into howperpetrators of gang rapes and other crimes in small communities can be silentand go about their daily lives as if nothing happened, and how the witnesses ofthese crimes can live with their conscience and not speak up.  The injustice explodes when victims realise that the institutions who are supposed to protectus don’t really care.  This compounds theinitial trauma and sets the stage for more criminal activity.For victims everywhere who have had their lives stolen andstruggle to understand why, this book will help them to know that they are notalone.  To acknowledge the truth andspeak out is the only way to change the balance of power and fight thesecriminals who would keep their victims locked in Hell for eternity.
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