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Women are at risk in this Society! The US government has determined that personal responsibility is the model for retirement. Each retiree will need to MANAGE all the components of her retirement investments, health care costs, personal care costs and living arrangements for an estimated 30 year retirement. All the while the government will continue to lessen Social Security and Medicare coverage for the middle class. A married Woman may spend 15 years or more without a partner typically after suffering financially from the crushing long term care costs for their aging spouse. Without proper planning, a woman will surely be thrown into poverty. And when a woman starts to need care, many women will find that their adult children or family are not in a place financially or geographically to assist. Society has shifted tremendous responsibility onto women without creating the tools or assistance needed to be successful. Women have been Ignored! The retirement planning industry was created by men for men. The industry is selling “the get rich quick” gambling on stocks illusion as a complete retirement plan. This is a ridiculous strategy! It is attractive to men that want quick fixes to complicated issues while Wall Street drains your portfolio through commissions and fees. Women will need to manage all the aspects of retirement in this challenging society, watching expenses as much as their investments. IN THIS NEW RETIREMENT, WOMEN MUST ACCEPT THE LEADING ROLE. WOMEN ARE NATURAL MANAGERS. THEY MANAGE THEIR FAMILY’S FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS AND A HOUSEHOLD. Out of necessity eighty percent of women will find themselves solely responsible at some point in retirement.
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