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This new synergy brings readers a fresh prospective on improving their lives, and with renovations well on its way, ‘An Introduction To Bloomberg City’ is a new prelude to what was designated to be New York City. Tragedy has force people to think differently or reshape their lives to get through some rather difficult times. Considering the fact, businesses and working class people alike is currently struggling to maintain a decent living. Several people have concluded that it was time to leave, in order to find better. Others have decided to stay and found new ways of coping. All in hopes of the economy making a speedy recovery. At any rate, this will not solve the longstanding issues. Which means, people aren’t prepared for life’s shocking turn of events. The ultimate goal of this book is to give a reality check to people, who know very little to nothing about city life. People seem to have this misconception that NYC is where you can make it all happen, but aren’t aware of the hidden dangers their trading, to go live in the city. Other books make small references on city life or carry you on this theatrical journey. This book promises not to do that to you.
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