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An ancient American Indian chief proclaimed that the God of this world would “curse your riches that they will become slippery to you that you cannot hold onto them.” It’s an odd, yet descriptive choice of words. When you consider every part of our worldwide economy is based on petroleum and derivatives, then the word “slippery” becomes appropriate. When a car runs out of oil, the motor seizes and disgorges its internal parts through a gaping hole in the side of the motor. Without oil (or the need for it,) our world is no longer functional. 1993 introduced an incredible invention that was a perpetual motion machine. Whether it worked or not was never publicly proven. “The Prototype” is a discussion of how such a thing would be viewed by the “powers that be.” Dismal as it seems, the world isn’t ready to receive such an abrupt change in direction. Every institution would blow apart at the seams. Oppression, even genocide are inevitable results of greed. There are those who would rise above the devastation, but others who would promote it.fromhose soul purpose is to exert influence and force upon others to achieve their goals. in mankind is that aThere “The Prototype” follows the lives of three individuals who attempt to free the world of its dependence on petroleum. It takes unique talents to accomplish such a thing. Keith De Code, called Dakota by friends, is a hero waiting to happen. He sits at the bottom of his pit of despair. When a poker buddy slips him information just before dying, Dakota pieces everything together and steps up to the plate. What lies before him is better not known. He should certainly cower from the ensuing cataclysm. Dakota faces the consequent catastrophe, but is he good enough to overcome powerful nations and organizations with decades of corruption? Does one man have the power to overcome a world of evil?.
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