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Meet Malcolm, a street smart no nonsense kind of guy that is looking for a greater meaning to his life. After loosing his mentor and friend he decides to pull up roots and head out for greener “safer” pastures. What he doesn’t know is that the pastures in the south come with many hidden surprises that only someone of his caliber will be able to handle. This is Southern Hospitality, a ghost story with a twist. Forget about traditional ghost stories where the old uncle dies and leaves the family mansion to his niece or nephew. This is a ghost story with a more modern view of reality right from the get go. From the crime and violence to the reality of racism in America. Southern Hospitality follows the life of a Malcolm as he goes from criminal to southern plantation owner. The ghosts in Malcolm’s past don’t hold a candle to the ghosts in his future.
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ISBN: 9781463471194
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