Readers of this book will lovewitnessing the remarkable courage of Abell Owens, ayoung Caucasian male who seems to have always known he was being “liedto.”  He knew the lewd intentions of thestate were why his very best friend, Fivel Meir Jorino, cannot walk thestreets of Seattle without the everpresent fear of hecklers, anti-Semites, and enforcement men in uniform.It is the greatest hope of Abell’s to speak out against this degrading practice, andto prove once and for all to all of the world that thereis no such thing as “White People.” Surprisingly, it was the electionof Hinrik Strom Wilson following the stock marketcrash of ’29, that changed the course of U.S.history into a monster of which real-life Americans wouldn’t recognize.  This story will turn the tables in acut-and-paste effort to depict what life would be like to experience aHolocaust-like devastation not as something that occurred “over there” or “longago” but as a painful reality encompassing the present-day United States.
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