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The edge is that small line between excellence and mediocrity, that little extra something that pushes you to a different level in life. Education and intelligent thinking can often provide the edge. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity, so we have no choice but to find the edge if we wish to distinguish ourselves in life. Seeking the Edge seeks to provide the tools and techniques to find that edge in your life. Whether it is an education, a new career, family, or even hobbies, we must shoot for the stars!The life lessons of author Joseph Rose, the “storytelling professor,” offer tips and lessons on building character, seeking opportunities, being prepared, and learning from past experiences. The journey can make it tough to find the end of the rainbow, but we must always keep our eyes, ears, and minds open to experience the small successes and joys along the way. Seeking the Edge will help you learn, appreciate, and grasp the opportunities that can lead to the real success stories of your life.Keep climbing despite hardship, pain, and discouragement—there will be an awakening in your life. Dream and set goals! Be determined, persistent, and confident, and enjoy the moments along the path to success, happiness, and self-satisfaction. Don’t ever give up; seek the edge!
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