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When she is seven years old, Dalia learns she has the ability to read minds. When she is nine years old, her enemies learn this fact—so they kidnap her. When she is twenty-two, they realize how dangerous she has become—and they kill her.But because she’s a Zeti—a member of a mysterious race with even more mysterious powers—she survives her death, only to find that the days she has stolen have their own price. With no small amount of horror, she comes to realize her love for Alexander, the same man who had taken her to her death.For her safety, she is sent to Buthayna, a world akin to Eden and impervious to evil; there she discovers she’s the Promised One. She is told that in order to fulfill her destiny, she has to be “whole”—but this esoteric message only serves to confuse her. Although she has been told the answers she needs are buried within her own memories, they are hidden behind unbreakable iron doors in her mind, and even she does not know how to open them.When Alexander ultimately finds her, she understands why she has always feared him. He killed her once … but will he kill her again?
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781462024162
List price: $9.99
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