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Dan Mesa knows men like him are a vanishing breed. Once upon a time, he was a rodeo cowboy. He served in Viet Nam and the first Gulf War. He believes a man should stand up for himself and what he believes in, which is why he’s good at teaching high school. In the classroom, Dan expects nothing less than respect, and he will not back down. Just like the time he ran across a bank robbery …In his Arizona hometown, Dan witnesses a ranger get shot in the shoulder by one of the robbers fleeing the scene and he immediately runs to the aid of the fallen officer. Who knew just a few steps could change a man’s life forever? The Arizona ranger deputizes Dan and tells him to prevent the criminals’ escape. Having been in combat before, Dan doesn’t hesitate, and thirty minutes later, he’s a true Wild West hero.Turning in his teaching boots, Dan becomes an official member of the Arizona Rangers, where he can expect action, adventure, and some serious danger. The days of Wyatt Earp may be over, but that doesn’t mean all the bad cowboys are gone. Dan is ready to track them down and face them, head-to-head. A teacher becomes a law man, and it only took a couple heroic steps to change the history of the Grand Canyon State forever.
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