Activating Your Healing Energies -- Physical, Mental, Spiritual
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Our Energy SpectrumWhenever I have a problem to solve, I know that both the problem and the solution are constructed from energy. If I really thought about it, I would probably conclude that all of my problems while on this planet earth were created by human energies. This is especially true of our health. Whenever I look for a solution, I invariably begin with physical symptoms and arrive mostly at a physical solution. I know that we all have energies that are not physical. We have energies of a higher vibration with varying polarities that manifest as thought, emotion, subconscious impressions, and even spiritual impressions. All of these energies are required to promote true holistic healing. The healing energies that I’m referring to don’t merely suppress symptoms either, as the general populations seem to prefer. Healing energies must treat the whole person both physical and subtle so that healing can be more permanent and more satisfying. In order to accomplish this, however, a change of viewpoint, a change of attitude, or even a change in beliefs is often required. In addition, no healing is possible without an understanding of the laws that govern the physical as well as the more subtle realms of mind and Spirit. Violation of these laws is the main reason that we get sick, suffer, and die. Therefore, those ancient barriers that our institutions have constructed between science, psychology and religion must come down. Then and only then will we understand what laws we violated that made us sick, and what we must do to get well.Ed Leary
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