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1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor
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1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor: Memoirs of a Flight Engineer features the true tales f an aviation officer of the United States Army Air Corps during the final year of World War II. These stories center around an airman’s life on the Pacific island of Tinian, the base from which the B-29 Flying Fortress was unleashed against the empire of Japan.Engagingly written in the first-person, 1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor draws the reader into the human drama of the war in the Pacific theater: the tedium and terror, doubt and wonder, guilt and pride, and finally the joy that peace alone can bring. Numerous photographs complement the narrative and provide an immersive experience.Suspenseful, enlightening, poignant and often humorous, 1001 B-29s Avenge Pearl Harbor reveals the inner thoughts and emotions of a young man loyal to his country and his comrades-in- arms, confident in his abilities and his magnificent airplane, yet longing to fulfill his promise to return to his pregnant wife on the home front. Strap yourself in and prepare for an experience you’ll never forget!
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