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This book has been in the making for about twenty years now,although it only took a bit over a year to write it; in one form oranother it had always coexisted with my daily thoughts, neverletting me forget that it was there, just waiting for the right time tobe incarnated.That time, that “right time” is now. After a very long time, andthrough adversities too many to enumerate, against all odds, I amfinally able to bring you “the book.” This is the first volume in a trilogyI call “Dust in the Wind.” Book two entitled “In Exile” and bookthree entitled “Coming to America” will follow soon. Although thisbook is a work of fiction, it is based on real events that took placein Romania between December 1989 and July 1990. This book isa tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in December 1989,because they believed in freedom, democracy, and the triumph ofthe human spirit, to the . . . oh so many . . . their number as of yetstill unknown, victims of the “events of 13-15 of June, 1990,” to thecountless ordinary people who never had a fair shake, to the onesleft behind, but never forgotten.
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