Rachael Green combines information, illustrations, and her own life experience into a self-help book that touches the heart and mind of the reader. This book not only gives you an in-depth explanation of what bulimia is, it also offers insight into the causes, lists side effects, and offers many accurate, realistic, and concrete methods to break the cycle of bulimia. The book contains three parts: Part I is an outline that explains all about bulimia and offers tips on recovery. Part II is a holistic explanation of how to heal the bulimia on every level of who you are. Part III explains seven basic steps to recovery and provides information on what to expect after recovery. Written from the perspective of having had bulimia and having made a complete recovery on her own, the author has incredible insight into what it takes to put an end to “the hunger”. If you are tired of battling with bulimia and are ready to recover, this is the book for you.
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ISBN: 9781418411084
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